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OR10 is the MoDS (Mobile Data acquisition System) hardware.

OR10 is the latest vibration analyser from OROS. The first in a new generation of mobile and portable units.

Realtime measurements with WiFi connectivity to the NVGo Android app or NVGate or stand alone recording to uSD card.

4 to 8 Channels with 40 kHz Bandwidth

5h operation on battery


Sensor cables with custom marking and colour options.

Our cables use a high quality coaxial cable of type RG58 C/U or RG174 A/U with different connector options; BNC, 10-32, 5-44, SMB etc.

The protection sleves can be ordered in different colours and a 15 character by 2 lines marking can be specified for each end.


4ch Sound Level Meter and Vibraion Analyzer

NoisePAD is our new Class 1 Tablet (Win10) for all measurements in sound & vibration. Rugged & miniaturized, extremely lightweight & powerful with battery life 10 hours also incl. WiFi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth & ameras. The touchscreen allows for comfortable operation in every position. 

Due to its complete compatibility with SINUS SoundBook and Apollo series, the user can choose from a large number of software solutions with respect to application and budget - choose: SLM, 1/nth Octaves, FFT, Recording, OrderTracking, Camera, Building Acoustics etc. etc.  


DC Triax accelerometer

The TRV-3300 is a high accuracy industrial triaxial DC Accelerometer

TRV-3300 is a rugged industrial triaxial DC accelerometer with voltage output and frequency response from DC to 500 Hz. In the frequency range from DC to 100 Hz, the sensor has a very high accuracy, within ±1%. The sensor is available in three different versions featuring measurement ranges of ±2 g, ±6 g or ±16 g.

VibraCorder 4400A Series: Triaxial Vibration

The Dytran 4400A is compact, lightweight, battery operated and environmental sealed.

Easily installed, user-configurable software optimizes data collection, and an internal accelerometer eliminates the need for external cable runs and complex signal conditioning. A removable memory card plugs directly into your laptop or PC. 

Highest accuracy data acquisition

Superior performance USB module

The DT9824 offers the highest stability and accuracy for measuring analog signals. Every signal input, both analog and digital is fully isolated from each other. This technology, ISO-Channel, guarantees that all signals are protected from any environmental or system noise.

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