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4ch Sound and Vibration analyzer

NoisePAD is our Class 1 Tablet for all measurement tasks in sound and vibration. On the basis of the rugged and miniaturized industrial ATOM Cherrytrail tablet, our engineers have created a universal acoustic and vibration measuring instrument that is extremely lightweight, compact and powerful.

Due to its complete compatibility with SoundBook and Apollo series, the user can choose from a large number of software solutions with respect to application and budget. Therefore, we offer NoisePAD in two versions eiter for acoustic analysis or for vibration analysis, however it is of course possible to have both software modules.

NoisePAD not only allows measurements, but also enables mobile office work with all standard software packages. Due to the latest technology circuit design and advanced DSP technology, the power consumption of the NoisePAD is very low and the estimated batterylife is approx. 10hours

This brand new and low power consumption instrument make a cooling fan unnecessary. Network interface cards includes USB, SD, WiFi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and 2x cameras integrated. The touchscreen and touchpad allow comfortable operation in every position. The Tablet runs Win 10.

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