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AC TRV-3300
Triaxial DC voltage output accelerometer with high accuracy

The TRV-3300 is a rugged industrial triaxial DC accelerometer with voltage output and frequency response from DC to 500 Hz. In the frequency range from DC to 100 Hz, the sensor has a very high accuracy, within ±1%. The sensor is available in three different versions featuring measurement ranges of ±2 g, ±6 g or ±16 g.

TRV-3300 can be used in a wide range of applications such as structural vibration monitoring, slow rotating machines, condition monitoring, research and development. TRV-3300 is environmental protected by silicon potting internally, for use in harsh industrial environments and for indoor and outdoor applications. It is mounted to the structure by adhesive or screw-mount (M4).

The sensor requires a supply voltage of 10-30 VDC at 5 mA. There is also an optional three channel power supply unit available, the model PS-3300-6. This power unit is a perfect fit for the TRV-3300 and is powered from a built in rechargeable battery or line power.

Sensitivity (mV/g)660 mV/g, 220 mV/g or 60 mV/g
Full Scale Range (g´s)±2 g, ±6 g or ±16 g.
Frequency Range (Hz)0 to 100 Hz (±1%), 0 to 500 (±10%)
Weight (grams)170
Temperature Range (ºC)-30ºC to +70ºC
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