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OR 10
8 channels Mobile DAQ System

OR10 is the MoDS (Mobile Data acquisition System) hardware. MoDS is made of OR10 plus two software modules:

  • OR10, a 4 to 8 channel mobile DAQ for data acquisition, the size of a paperback, from the OROS high-end metrology range
  • NVGo, the Android App for acquisition setup, and for monitoring of signals and results
  • NVGate, the OROS sotware platform for online analysis and post-analysis, using OR10 as a front-end.


OR 10

Dynamic channels4 to 8, AC / DC / IEPE
Tachometers2 triggers / tachometer
OutputsHeadphones, replay of recordings
Bandwidth40 kHz
Input Range± 40 V Inputs, 24 bits
StorageRemovable uSD up to 64 Gbyte
Power SupplyUSB-C power supply, internal battery 5h
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