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Acoutronic offer a broad range of sensors for:
Acceleration, pressure, temperature and force.

Triaxial DC accelerometer with 4-20mA output

TRC-3300 offers a triaxial DC accelerometer in a small package. The signal is transmitted as current between 4 and 20mA with an offset of 12mA for zero acceleration.

Each channel is optically isolated from the two other.



Accelerometers of today comes in a wide range of configurations for different purposes. There are some key properties that divides the different products:

  • Electrical Interface: ICP, Charge or Current.
  • Bandwidth: Upper and lower frequency where sensitivity is within ±5% or ±3dB.
  • Gravity: If the accelerometer is able to sense gravity it is said to be a DC accelerometer.
  • Number of Axes: Accelerometers can be sensitive in one to three orthogonal directions. Mono- bi- or triaxial.

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