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Vibration Analysis

Our product range spans the complete field of vibrations,
from generating the vibration to printing the report.


Exiting structures with forces in the range from a few Newton up to kN is no problem with our line of shakers from Tira.

Multi Channel Systems

Ranging from 2 up to 320 simultaneous channels in one system the OROS products fits almost any application of sound & vibration analysis.

The multi purpose analysis software NVGate and a range of specialised addons in the NVSolusions packages helps us to provide very affordable solutions.

SystemChannelsOutputsSize WxHxDWeight
OR 342-42163 x 54 x 215 mm1.4 kg
OR 352-82254 x 67 x 232 mm2.8 kg
OR 364-162114 x 280 x 350 mm5.2 kg
OR 388-322114 x 410 x 350 mm8.2 kg
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