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Surface Metrology

Next generation optical surface profiler for surface finish,
surface roughness and microstructures.

Surface Profiling Technology from Polytec

White-light interferometers are optical 3D surface profilers and the ideal measurement solution for inspecting functional surfaces with utmost precision and reliability.

TopMap surface metrology systems measure 3D profiles, evaluating form parameters like step-height, waviness, flatness and parallelism, as well as roughness and microstructures in all environments from research laboratories, close to and in production lines.

TopMap Micro.View

TopMap Micro.View® is an easy to use and compact optical profiler.

Choose Micro.View® as the cost-effective quality control solution for surface analysis of precision-engineering, for inspecting roughness, microstructures and more surface details.

TopMap Micro.View plus

TopMap Micro.View®+ is the next generation optical surface profiler in a modular design to reliably measure the most challenging analysis tasks regarding surface finish and microstructures with utmost precision.

Focus Finder and Focus Tracker assist in keeping samples focused at all times, with fully motorized positioning units ready for automation.

TopMap Pro.Surf

Ideal for quick and precise 3D surface characterization. The areal measurement of the TopMap Pro.Surf ensure to not miss any details when inspecting your workpiece surface.

Short measuring times and a large field-of-view characterize the TopMap Pro.Surf.

TMS Software

The TMS Software for Polytecs topography measurement systems of the TopMap series offers a wide range of features and options for quick and easy routine measurements but also for your extensive and detailed surface analysis.

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